4 in 1 Micro Controller

Multi-Control is an easy-to-use wireless irrigation controller. This award winning product acts as the point of connection in the field, making remote control over irrigation pumps, valves, filters and injectors possible.  With Multi-Control, growers have the flexibility and scalability to control up to four valves per wireless irrigation switch.

  • Designed exclusively for FieldNET 
  • Remotely control pumps and valves
  • Manage fertilizer and chemical injectors on-the-fly
  • Industry-exclusive filter flush capabilities
  • Easily manage temperature protection plans


Easily access and control pumps and valves for irrigation scheduling.

Filter Flush

Schedule flush cycles to run automatically by operation time or pressure differential.

Fertilizer and Chemical Injection

Remotely control injectors to ensure yield-maximizing nutrient management and crop protection.

Frost Protection

Set up or adjust temperature protection plans on-the-fly as conditions begin to change.