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How to Increase Profitability with Remote Irrigation Management

In conversations with growers, dealers, agronomists and irrigation specialists, they consistently mention remote control as a beneficial tool that makes their lives easier and saves time.


Pivot Control Lite

VRI Center Pivots at NARC: Pencil in Water Savings

New technologies in irrigation are revolutionizing the way producers - with access to irrigation water - grow their crops, use water more efficiently, and save on inputs, labor and time.

- Farm and Ranch Guide

Pivot Control Lite

Lindsay's FieldNET Advisor Optimizes Irrigation

FieldNET Advisor by Lindsay uses patented technology to deliver information farmers need to make faster, better-informed irrigation decisions.

- Successful Farming

Pivot Control Lite

Pivot Control Lite Added to FieldNET Product Line

Pivot Control Lite is designed for retrofit on virtually any brand or model of electric center pivots.


Pivot Control Lite

Irrigation Watertronics Control System Automates Water Allocation

“When we upgraded to the Watertronics system, it enabled us to put all our pumping in one spot,” he says. “The system still incorporates three pumps, but they’ve all been moved to one main supply discharge. That discharge then connects to a manifold, and all the underground pipes tie into that manifold. All I have to do is turn on the valve, and I can send up to 4,000 gpm wherever I want to send it.”

-Successful Farming

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Wireless Tool Provides Remote Management of Precision Variable Rate Irrigation

With Precision VRI, growers can precisely apply the correct amount of water or chemicals over multiple crops, soil types and terrains, and with integrated with FieldNET remote management, can easily create or edit irrigation plans. Multiple users can be added with controlled access.

- Southwest Farm Press

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How Smart Growers Are Using Irrigation Technology to See Better Results

Growers are making the most of their irrigation by using FieldNET® by Lindsay's fully integrated wireless management tool. See how you can use this industry-leading smart technology to save time, water, energy and money for your operation.


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A Closer Look at Lindsay's FieldNET Pivot Control

Many irrigators today are challenged by operating multiple types of pivot control panels that all have a different look. Lindsay has a solution.

-Brownfield Ag News